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Perhaps we should say "Welcome to Avoca Lodge" as Molly Brown might have said a century ago.

Built in 1897 by J.J. Brown, Margaret "Molly" Brown christened the property that cascaded with water "Avoca" after a poem written by her favorite Irish born poet, Sir Thomas Moore, appropriately entitled The Meeting of the Waters. Avoca Lodge was the place where Molly and J.J. escaped the hustle and bustle of Denver society and found peace and solitude among the trees and farmlands along Bear Creek.

The Molly Brown Summer House is really the tale of two families; the Browns who built Avoca Lodge over a century ago, and five generations of the Fehlmanns who have grown up with the heritage of Molly Brown and now struggle to keep the heritage alive.

We invite you to tour this web site and learn about Molly, J.J., Avoca Lodge and the Fehlmann Family. We believe that a tour of this site not only provides information about "Molly" Brown, but also provides some interesting history of Denver during the early 1900s and into the present.

The Molly Brown Summer House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on January 26th, 1990. The National Historic Register describes the house as a two-story dipped brick construction with sandstone foundation, lovely window lintels, eyebrow windows in the attic and from the outside presents an unpretentious yet striking resemblance to the Brown’s flamboyant abode at 1340 Pennsylvania Avenue. The architecture of the Molly Brown Summer House is unique to this area of Denver and we have provided some information on the architectural details that grace the house.

Today, history comes alive during a visit to the Molly Brown Summer House. Schedule a tour and learn more about Molly, JJ, the Fehlmann family and the history of Colorado. Mary Rose ("Mo") and mother Jane bring the stories handed down through the generations to life once again.

To order a printed booklet about the Molly Brown Summer House, please contact Momo at 303-989-6639.

The booklet contains a full history of the Brown's life at Avoca Lodge and includes photographs of the interior, exterior and architectural details.




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